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Canadian Global Enterprises and Management Inc.

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About Us!


We provide a professional accounting and taxation service which caters for individuals, small and medium business corporations, investment property owners and new enterprises. We work very closely with our customers, providing them with the necessary accounting and financial services to survive in today's competitive market. Our experience and dedication make it possible for many businesses to grow and prosper. We help business owners do what they do best and so they can receive optimum results from their operations.

At Cgem, we live and breathe business every day. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions. Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we innovate to answer our customers' needs.

Standing behind that are our Principles for operating the business—Agility, Innovation, Trust and Integrity, and Simplicity—all of which keep us closely connected with our customers.

As a company, we have grown both through internal development and through acquisition, selecting those companies and partners who most exemplify the innovative spirit, customer focused approach, and established products that our customers desire. This strategy has enabled us to develop a portfolio of products and services designed to meet specific needs within


our selected industries. We deliver them through three divisions, providing clear focus on supporting the needs and success of the customers they serve.


Today, working in unison across all our products and markets, our employees, business partners, and advisors are tied by a common bond: being connected with our customers to help them to succeed.

We are confident in achieving those successes for our customers and have developed a strategy to guide our efforts. With the support of our customers, and through the dedication of our employees and partners, we invite you to share in that vision.