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About Cgem North America

businesses with a sincere focus on their customers. Today, our company represents the culmination of that combined entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and vision.

We have assisted small and midsized businesses with a wide range of business management applications and services. With roots reaching back to the 1990s, our company has grown and developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers through a combination of internal product development and acquisition.

Currently we support many customers in the U.S. and Canada. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and midsized businesses. Our applications cover a full range of business requirements including accounting ,Tax, specialized industry needs, among many others.

Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively, helping them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.


Cgem provides business software, services and support to small and medium sized businesses. Whilst our heritage is in the small business market we also have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of specific industries and larger organizations.


we provide a choice of high quality products and services which are relevant to our customers, use the most appropriate technology and are supported by local experts.

We provide an extensive range of solutions which make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes. Whether it be our financial software enabling better cash flow management,our HR and Payroll offerings being used to improve employee performance and ensure legislative compliance, our software and services equip our customers to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today’s business environment.

When faced with these challenges businesses need software suppliers in whom they can trust and with whom they can build real relationships for the long-term. What makes Cgem different is our people, our complete dedication to doing the right thing by the customer and our commitment to support them to the very best of our ability. Regardless of where we are in the world, Cgem's people are guided by five key principles of trust, integrity, innovation, simplicity and agility as these attributes will enable us to best serve all our customers and continue to deliver our success.


 Business Management Software


 Accounting solutions           Nonprofit solutions


Your Finances on solid ground          One commitment countless capabilities


1)Cgem simplifies accounting while providing abundant analytical power.
2)We solve vital business challenges, like managing cash flow, invoicing and billing, and maintaining compliance—
3)with innovative solutions that are easy to implement, use, and understand.


HR and Payroll Management


The engine of your company’s success is, and always will be, people. Yet fully leveraging your talent and aligning HR strategy with business strategy is an ongoing challenge. Sage HR and Payroll solutions enable you to strategically recruit, hire, manage, develop, and retain the top talent.


Why Cgem Zass?


 Cgem Zass software delivers tightly integrated functionality across HR, payroll, benefits, training, and attendance Management. Solutions provide rich reporting and analysis, and a Web workforce portal with employee self-service, company communications, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking, and more.


Cgem Zass Employer Solutions:




 Human Resources software


Created by HR Professional


For HR Professionals


Human resources today is a lot more than recruiting, hiring, maintaining employee records, and processing payroll. It’s about providing crucial process and decision support for the rest of the organization. Now there is a set of powerful software solutions designed to help small to medium businesses excel at employee management. Cgem Zass HR, and Payroll systems provide you with the tools you can use to lift your human resources department from an administrative role to a strategic player in forwarding business growth.


From managing employees to meeting state and federal requirements and complying with periodic tax reporting requirements, Cgem Zass helps streamline day-to-day administrative tasks and provides insights that will help you manage, forecast, and implement effective strategies to make positive changes to your bottom line.


  • Complete array of HR management & payroll solutions

  • Built on experience

  • Tested and developed by HR pros

  • Enhanced service, efficiency, and productivity

  • Your entire organization benefits with improved service